.. and welcome to my Baofeng review and information centre for the radio models I own(ed). At first, I do not have any business connection to Radio8688 (CN), Baofeng (CN), Wouxun (US) or 409Shop. The only connection between those shops and brands and me is that I have found some very capable and functional portable radios (portable) on eBay and I've bought them at Radio8688 (CN) and 409Shop.


I have decided to stop my search for new models because every brand that wants to sell these radios, can order them in batch with their own brand name.
Good internetsources with more info about these radios are the ones made by:
- John Miklor (K3NXU)
- Eline Kleibrink (PH4E)
- Hans van Rijsse (PD0AC)
- Dan Smith (KK7DS)

An introduction..

I've found many different radio's while searching for a mobile radio on the internet. PMR446 is 0,5 watt of TX power and that could be enough for my useage, because I (we) want to use a radio while driving om a motorbike and to keep in contact with 6 motorfriends. One of these friends is a driving instructor for car and motorbike and he uses Kenwood PMR446 radios for instruction. So now we can use his portable radios for transmitting and we have some extra low-cost radios for receiving only.

my motorbike is a
Honda CB450 (1985)
my friend the motor-
instructor has a BMW

So, my friend the instructor owns the Kenwood handsets and these are really nice. The radio's are equipped with separate microphones and earpieces, one can even mount a PTT switch on the left side of the steer and connect it with the radio. All the accessoiries he uses are made by Baehr, really nice!

Another friend of mine uses PMR446 radios at school camps. These radios are made by Alecto and adjusted to work on channels with programmable CTCSS signals.

Alecto FR66 set

Why BaoFeng?

I've found these BaoFeng radio's and their accessories on eBay and read some information about them. Because of the universal way of programming (Chirp software!) I thought it should be easy for me to get these radios working.

I've ordered some and received them with remarks, like I asked them at 409Shop: "please send it as a toy". And they did.. TNX (thanks too)!

Then we have to discuss the next item...


Using these devices.. is it legal?

NO! Everyone who isn't HAM radio amateur licensed may use these radios only for receiving signals. Transmitting is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED!
I am a HAM licensed (Dutch) radio amateur and I can use these radios on frequencies that I'm licensed for, within certain restricted radio bands and specs.
Also keep in mind that using different Private Mobile Radio frequencies in different countries can be illegal! Please find out first what frequencies are legal in your country! These Baofeng radios can transmit with at least 1 Watt power. This, and the detachable antenna makes us discuss this item. So, using these devices is stricktly for the legal HAM amateurradio specialists! Use these handsets at your own risk! You yourself are the only one that is responsible for misuse of these devices and frequencies!

How do we use them

The BF-888 and BF-T88 radios that I own are in use for receiving only. I have modified them in a way that they can't transmit.

Use in Scandinavia

Sweden and Norway have are some frequencies available for hunting (Jakt radio), so these UV-5Rx radios can be used for this purpose. Frequencies can be found on the right (at My Place - Lists).

Beware... of those Chinese knock-offs!

There are many radios to find on the internet that look the same but aren't it at all.. Beware of this! Slightly different specs can make you think that you've bought the right one but you'll get a complete different one! I've tried to find out what radios are the same and still I find it difficult to see.
Remember: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it certainly should be a duck, but it's a goose...!