First a warning! In Holland (The Netherlands) one can buy these radios and one may own them, but one may not use them for transmitting!
Only HAM licensed amateur-radio-stations with a registered call are allowed to use them, only on certain frequencies!
Still, these radios are offered on several (Dutch) internet marketplaces by several (Dutch) HAM licensed sellers (with a PD/PA/PE or other call-name). Be aware of this, you have been warned!

PMR useage

PMR frequencies can be used only on PMR certified radios. These radios have their antennas fixed to the body of the radio and they are not exchangeable or detachable by design. So, glueing antenna and radio together does not make it confirming to PMR specs!
Certified PMR power must be 500mW MAX! by design, programming this Baofeng radio to a lower power still doesn't make it legal either.
So, all Baofeng radios do not confirm the legal PMR/LPD specs!

Cables and interfaces

Baofeng radiodevices (as described) can be programmed with use of an USB interface cable. It is a well known fact that there and some difficulties when installing these cables and their software drivers.
I have used a cable that I've ordered together with a radio at 409Shop, and found out that it's tricky to get it working.
Keep in mind that cables are copies of genuine cables and they will not work 'out of the box'.
In my case, I have used different Windows computers for testing and the programming software I use is Chirp, as well as the original software that came with the USB cable for these radio's.

After these softwareprograms are installed and work, one has to keep in mind that USB cables simulate RS232 signals. Any kind of RS232 connectors nowadays aren't available on most computers, so we have to use interfaces that transform RS232 signals to USB signals.
These interfaces are in the cable that can be ordered separately, every interface needs its own Windows driver.
The generic Windows driver that is included in the Windows operating system itself, is not the right one! It has to be replaced with the one that is to be found on the internet, or on the right side of this page (My Place).


The Chirp software has many (not all) options and features and works with all these UV-5Rx models, equiped with the latest firmware.

My Universal channel lists

The programming list that I have made for universal useage of of prgramming Baofeng radios is based on 8x Kenwood (Kenwood channel 01-08 with CTCSS coding) and 8x PMR (Basic, with no CTCSS coding).

That makes it to 16 UHF channels, exactly what is needed for programming the BF-888, BF888s or the BF-T88 radio.

Once programmed, the BF888 or BF-T88 list could be something like this:


Most Baofeng radios can be programmed with use of the original Baofeng software, depending on the firmware of the radio.
Radios that are equipped with a display can read out the firmware version, for instance the UV-5R radio:
By pressing button [3] while switching it on (turn the knob) the firmware is shown (BFBxxx).
By pressing button [6] while switching it on (turn the knob) the flashing date of the firmware is shown (YYMMDD).

Why.. that new firmware version?

Firmware is the internal program of the device, that makes things work like they should. It's just a matter of time that bugs are solved and then.. firmware gets newer, just like the renewal of software and operating system on your personal computer.
A newer device sometimes needs a newer program (firmware flashing) because it has newer features that aren't available in the old program.
Reprogramming (flashing) the firmware can only be done at the factory. These radios have a processor that is programmable once, so new firmware can't be flashed into this radio.
After reading some information on different internet sites, it seems that radios with firmware version BFB290 and lower can be used with the same original Baofeng programming software. Programming a radio with firmware BFB291 and higher can be done with other (newer) original Baofeng software.


There are different sites to find on the internet with more information about Baofeng radios. One of these is: UV3R.com.


Another source, rich of useful information, is the Yahoo Group.
Maybe it's useful to become a member, look around and watch what other people have to say, and more, more, more...


The far by most interesting site about these BaoFeng radios is made by John (K3NXU) from Cockeysville, Baltimore.
His site is about programming these radios and contains lots and lots (tons!) of information about programming, software and cables. He's the! man, experienced in Baofeng radios. Visit his site for more information about these nifty radios..!